Doll's Overall Pattern
This pattern is suitable for most Waldorf dolls 8" - 9" tall.  It can be adjusted, reduced or enlarged for other dolls.  © 2000, Kathryn Sheehan.  For personal use only.
Materials Needed:

1/4 yd. fabric of your choice
matching thread
two 1/8” small doll buttons
snap or hook-and-eye

Sewing Directions:

1.)  Cut out the pattern pieces for the bodice of your choice (see photo top-left to see different styles) and legs of your overalls.  Fold your fabric (with right sides together) and lay the patterns on the fabric with the straps of the bodice and side of the pant on the fold of the fabric as indicated on the pattern.  Draw around each leg pattern directly onto the fabric and then cut out along the cutting lines.  Draw around the bodice, but don’t cut it out just yet.

2.)  Pin the bodice layers together.  With right sides together, stitch along each side and up along each strap, as indicated on the pattern.  When you get to the top of the first shoulder strap, back tack and sew right off the edge.  Lift presser foot and, without clipping thread, pull out about 3” of thread.  Turn bodice around and start sewing again at the top of the same strap (see following illustration).  Continue sewing to the next strap and repeat procedure.  When you finish sewing, trim seam allowances to 1/8” and clip corners.  Turn the bodice right side out and press flat.

Pant Legs:
3.)  Hem bottom of pant legs first.  Fold up 1/4” and fold up another 1/4” and press.  Straight stitch along top of fold to hem.

4.)  Lay unfolded leg pieces together.  With right sides facing and raw edges aligned, stitch curved seams (stopping at dot on one side).  (see figure A below) Clip curves.  Press above dot so that raw edges are to the wrong side.  Topstitch 1/8” from pressed edge to hold in place. (see figure B below)  

5.)  Rotate seams and align at center front and center back.  To make legs, stitch from the bottom of one hemmed leg around to the bottom of the other leg.  (see figure C below)  Clip curve and turn fabric right side out.
6.)  Run a basting stitch around top of pants at waist.  Lay the bottom of the bodice to the top of the pants, with right sides together.  Gather waist to fit bodice, matching center front to center seam line and with back opening even with sides of bodice.  Pin in place.  Sew the bodice to the legs of the overalls.  Turn to right side and press.

7.)  Apply a fastener (velcro, hook and eye, snap, etc.) to the back opening of the overalls.

8.)  Handsew the straps together at the shoulder (or to the front bib, if style 2) and add two small buttons. 

© 2000, Kathryn Sheehan.  For personal use only.
Please do not duplicate without written permission.
The Silver Penny
Bodice Pattern-Overalls
Doll's Overall Patterns:
© 2000, Kathryn Sheehan.  For personal use only.
Please do not duplicate without written permission.
The Silver Penny
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