Easy-to-Sew Felt Ball
  or Jingle Ball
Materials Needed:

six pieces of felt in assorted colors
sewing thread and sewing needle
wool batting or other type of stuffing material
pins and scissors
Optional: three jingle bells
How to Make It:

1.)  Using the pattern below, cut six sections out of felt.  Each can be a different color, or your ball can be all one color.  It's up to you.

2.)  The easiest method is to use an overcast stitch (or whip stitch).  That is what is demonstrated in the illustrations. In the photo, a back stitch was used, then the finished ball was turned inside-out.  This is a more finished look with the stitches hidden on the inside.  Before you proceed, decide which look you want.

3.)  Sew two ball sections together (figure 1).  Then sew on the third section (figure 2).  Set that aside and sew the remain three sections together in the same way.  When you are finished, you will have two halves of your ball.

4.)  Optional:  If you are making a jingle ball, before joining the two halves in the next step, securely sew three jingle bells on the inside seam allowance.  Then proceed as described in Step # 5.
Figures 1 & 2
Felt Ball
5.)  Pin the two halves together with all edges even.  (If you are using the backstitch and will later turn it right side out, be sure to put right sides together before sewing the halves together!) Following figure 3, sew them from A to B.  If you are using the overcast stitch, when you get to B you can begin stuffing.  (If you are using the backstitch continue sewing until you get to C.  Do not stuff the ball yet.)  Pack it inside so the ball will be round and firm.  Now sew from B to C, and then add more stuffing.
Figure 3
Figure 4
6.)  If you are using the overcast stitch, continue to sew and stuff until you get back to A, your ball should be completely stuffed. If you are using the backstitch, after you get to C knot your thread off.  Start sewing again at D and continue until you get back to A and knot your thread off.  Carefully turn your ball to the right side and stuff firmly with the wool batting or stuffing material.  Sew up the opening using a small overcast stitch or the ladder stitch. 
7.)  Cut two felt circles about 1-2 inches in diameter.  Glue a circle at the top and at the bottom of the ball where all the pointed ends of the sections meet (see figure 4).  Allow to dry and enjoy!
Felt Ball Pattern
Felt Ball Pattern (cut six):
You can change the size of your ball by reducing or enlarging this pattern.  If while printing it gets cut in half, you may need to tape together, or select it alone and print separately.
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